Monday, November 8, 2010

Super Surfing Secret Lessons

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Hello, Ken Wolff here,

Hot Off The Press!

I just added a video splash page promoting the most beneficial network marketing tool that I have found in my 8 years of being online.  

I have tried a lot of programs and liked a lot of programs.  ClickTrackProfit is at the top of my list!

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Share you strategies for success in using Traffic Exchanges.  The best place to do that is in AdLandPro:

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A good friend in Adlandpro, Dave Cottrell posted a blog I highly recommend that you save to your favorites:  How to Make Traffic Exchanges Work For You
Now back to the SSSLessons:

Surfing is one piece of a big puzzle so to speak. If you are interested in free traffic to your website, surfing is one way to get it. You click on links that take you to somebody's website, you probably wait for a timer to count down, you get some credits to attract others to your website, and you can do this all for free. There are ways to increase your results. In most cases you get better results if you upgrade to the pro level. Quite often you get a one time offer when you first go to an exchange to join. It can be your best option.

I am a Social Marketing consultant, a list building expert, a downline building expert, a wealth creator, a life improvement specialist and much much more. Before I go on and explain all of that I want to say that most of all I am a friend. A very generous friend. I very much would like to help you but first I must get to know you. Actually, I take it back. I do not have to get to know you first. I am going to give you some traffic credits right away.

This is your lucky day because I am going to give you some free traffic credits for joining several exchanges.

The 1st thing you need to do here is join FreeTrafficBar or Click Voyager and I will give you 1000 credits. If you take advantage of the OTO in either one I will give you 10000 credits. If you upgrade in both, that is 20000 credits that I give you plus the credits you receive from the owners of these exchanges. That is a lot of credits. You could get up to 2 million credits in just a few minutes....keep reading.

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If you are serious about traffic to your website there are a few programs that you need to join right away. After joining FreeTrafficBar you need to join AffiliateFunnel. Both FTB and AF will give you a wealth of knowledge about Internet Marketing. You will see in AF what traffic exchanges are ranked the highest by Internet Marketers in general. A high ranking in AF is coveted by the best of the Traffic Exchange owners.

Super Surfing in my mind is when you surf in such a way that you are maximizing your results from the way you are surfing. If you are surfing just one exchange in one browser at a time, you are wasting valuable time and credits. You can earn extra credits by surfing more than one exchange.

If you join and surf the following 5 exchanges you will be earning a higher percentage in rewards than if you did only one of them. Join now and send me your affiliate links and I will post them in the section below. So far nobody has done that. Be the first.


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I love hits tip:

Watch for an extra credit link under the matching surf buttons. It is in small print

You have just won x number of credits! You must click here to credit your account!

You need to join the 5 Traffic exchanges above to get extra credits when you surf all five at the same time. Send me your testimonials and tips on using the above along with your links and I will post them.

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Things are happening so fast. I will try to bring you up to date soon but without a lot of explanation I am going to give you this hot tip. First let me ask you. Are you earning any money from your surfing efforts? I may have already told you where you can earn a little which is more than most people do. Join ClixSense to earn a little and get paid every 30 seconds. I am sure you have heard it said the money is in the list. Come to find out, it is true. Now for the hot tip: Join TE List Building if you want to get paid a lot. It is all explained on the inside. See you there.

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There are 6 programs that you need to join right away and you are going to want to join them all.



All of these recommended programs have free levels but you may want to consider upgrading in each one. There is no pressure, and you can upgrade, downgrade, or leave the programs at anytime.

The first program that you are going to want to join is either Free Traffic Bar or Click Voyager . Not only are they great marketing tools and place to advertise, but that is where you will receive your credits for joining the other programs.

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