Monday, January 27, 2014

FreeRewards4ublog: Advertising your Blog. Hello Blogging friends. I am happy to share with you the blog of a new friend Kris Rogers! She does indeed have free rewards for you. Check out her blog and share it with your friends and followers. Ken

Kris's Free Rewards 4 U Blog

FreeRewards4ublog: Advertising your Blog: I hit a bit of a road block last week with the retirement of Net Marketing Forum. There was a great section where people could post thei...
It has been a while since I  posted this and it went to drafts.  Let me just say that something big is coming just around the corner.  There is not much I can say about it at this point but can tell you that it will be very rewarding. 

As we draw near to the end of the of Black Friday Specials I want to give you a special gift.  I know that many of you have spent all that you have on specials so I am not looking for your money.  Put your wallet away, no credit cards needed...this is totally free.  1,000  Credit to your account if you are in my downline.  This is open to new members.  We can work out the details.  All it will take is communication.  To start the process get in touch with me using the contact information below. 

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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Time is money! Where do you spend it online?

join HitSafari

How do you spend your day?  

If you stay on this page for just a moment 
a "Lets Talk" pop up form powered by vCita  
will appear.  You can fill out the form and 
schedule an appointment or leave your contact 
details and I will get back to you. 

I am listening to Jon Olson on The Monday Monday Monday Spreecast

Earlier it was Jon and Justin on The Monday Weekly Podcast!

You can also click on the X and 
the pop up will go away.  Refresh 
this page or click on the contact 
box and it will come back.
Here briefly is my list of daily programs:

1.  Everything starts at home.   
Elaine and I live in our 
home on wheels.

We put most of our belongings that we could not part with 
in storage, rented our houses out, and are full time RVers.  
We found a community online that we call our home 
away from home.  It is Adlandpro.   

Join the CTP Team in ALP

2.  I click at least 10 pages a day at Sweeva.


3. ClickTrackProfit (Nerd Surfng until I get my 
10 a day at Sweeva done including StartXchabnge,
 ILoveHits, ThumbVu, SiteXplosion, and LegacyHits).
Join ClickTrackProfit

Join ThumbVu


4. Matthew Graves TopTierTraffic, WebBizInsider
and SplashPageSurfer.

5. I just recently became more active in 
Veteran Surf and Surf Sumo.

6. Next on my must do list is ClickFredE-mails.


7.  I saved the best for last.  It is Click Voyager!


There are so many reason that CV is my favorite 
Traffic Generating programs that I do not have space 
to explain it.  I will do a special blog post soon with 
much more information.  For now just click here or 
on the banner above to join and do your own due 
HitSafari Personalized Downline Builder Splash Page

While surfing at Hit Safari there was a note on the log in 
page to surf the DeepSeaHits for a bonus. Well, Hit Safari 
was just a new thing that I was doing at the time and since 
I did not get a response on the DeepSeaHits I soon lost 
 interest in both. I still like it but I was more excited about 
some other things.

I would like to know what your priorities are. 
I need to walk at least 2 miles a day and take 
time out for other things. 

Elaine and I enjoy table games, some card games
on the computer, going out to dinner and a movie 
once in a while.

Feel free to add a comment, ask questions or suggest 

Your graphics and links are welcome in this blog.

Ken Wolff