Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Honoring Veterans Past and Present Every Day!

Hello Surfers!

Every day is a good day to honor those who risk their lives or have given that ultimate sacrifice so that we all can enjoy our freedom!

Now you can do that by joining Veterans Surf.

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The month of June was nothing short of Epic!
 as promised in the 

 Well, June is past and the hunt is over, but don't be sad there is much to celebrate in July and beyond.  We had 54 members join the Team during the hunt.  Most of them enjoyed the "Loyalty Bonus Prizes" for their active participation.  There is no rush as the prizes can still be earned indefinitely until we run out of credits.  And since we are continuing to earn credits at a high rate as an upgraded member we may never run out.  We might even add some new prizes.

To join the Team you must first be a member of Adlandpro. For most of you that is already done. For those who are not yet a member, Click Here to join

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Hot Off The Press!

I just added a video splash page promoting the most beneficial network marketing tool that I have found in my 8 years of being online.  

I have tried a lot of programs and liked a lot of programs.  ClickTrackProfitis at the top of my list!

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Now what follows is a comment section!  I just read a blog post that will be the subject of my next post in the near future.  It was in the Turning Up The Heat blog: 

No Comment- That’s Just Wrong

Check that one out but before you go comment here or join and save this blog to your favorites so you can find your way back here to make a comment.  Your comments, questions, back-links, & testimonials are highly rewarded here.   


  1. Hi, Congrats for reaching so many new members in June. I especially like the short biographies of the veterans. I would like, if possible to get a reminder to surf until I get used to adding the new TE to my list. Have a great day.

    Patricia Dean

  2. Thank you Patricia! Yes I like the bios in the Roll Call section as well. I added mine there. I will remind you to surf every day...Hey Patricia! Surf everyday!!! LOL no really I will. Surf enough to earn your Surfer Rewards and be sure and check the Loyalty Reward Prizes in The Veterans Surf Team in Adlandpro.

  3. Hi Ken- Congrats on your work at Veteran Surf. Thanks for the shout out.

  4. Hi Cathy! I am not done shouting yet! LOL Thank you for the congrats and commenting in this blog. I joined HotFlashHits a long time ago but as much as I liked it at the time, I was overwhelmed with all that I was trying to do. I am now going to give it the attention that I know that it deserves. It was my hope and desire to have people be able to post their backlinks here. Maybe I need to do something in my settings to make that more obvious. Anyway here is a Google shortened URL for my affiliate link to HFH: http://goo.gl/JtJVZ

  5. Hi Ken,
    Great to visit your blog. I am guessing you are indeed a Veteran? Honored to meet you! Thank you for the comments and visits to my blogs.. and I will get back to you about the radio show :-) Wonderful to know you ...

  6. Hi my dearest Ken,
    Thank you for Service past and present. I have joined all of these programs and share your passion for each and every one. I like your blog theme, with the Veterans Surf, Adlandpro banners and the Sweeva Widget. I clicked on the Facebook, Twitter and Google + share buttons. I would love to have your friends and followers stop by my blog: